General Studies – Daily Answer Writing Challenge – 11

ARCHIVES 09 September 2014 Development and Extremism 1) Critically comment on the dynamics of Maoist insurgency and the government of India’s approach to it. (200 Words) Reference 2) Do you agree with the view that underdevelopment is the primary reason behind the growth and spread of extremism in India? Critically comment. Reference

History-2014: Answer Writing Challenge – 6

ARCHIVES 09 September 2014 “No event as encompassing as the French Revolution occurs in an intellectual vacuum”. Comment [200 words,2007] ‘The French Revolution attacked privileges and not property’. Comment [200 words,2003]  

Geography-2014: Answer Writing Challenge – 8

ARCHIVES 09 September 2014 Answer in about 400 words: 1) Explain the origin, distribution and characteristics of  tropical cyclones. 2) Discuss the origin, movements and characteristics of air masses and explain their role in influencing world climates. 3) Explain the basis of Koppen’s classification of climates. Also mention its merits and limitations.