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MOTIVATION: So Much To Do And So Little Time

Morning Guys! Today’s post comes as a suggestion from Abee –; (If you too have any requests as to what you would like me to write about in the motivation section, please leave a comment below)

With the heat of prelims done, the next and the more challenging exam is on your way. It is going to be a great challenge where you will be asked to push yourself over the limits over and over again. The preparation phase is going to be a lot different from the prelims cos there is a lot less time here and a lot more to do. For those who had an opportunity to browse the mains syllabus before, you sure have a good starting point. For the rest, you need not worry, UPSC exams is a brilliant thing, it makes sure that everyone is on a level ground! No wonder it is the mother of all exams or proudly nicknamed so.

Going ahead in the process, two things are going to be extremely important, staying in constant momentum, making sure that you get up each day with a realization of how much you have to do and how little time you have. The trick is to take each day on its own. I agree that it sounds philosophical when I say so, but the real trick is that you have to plan yourself and pace yourself accordingly. Identify how much time you need for each of the subjects. Since each one of them have equal marks, don’t be drawn by the idea of spending a lot of time only on your strengths, even if you get the highest there, you will be losing a lot on the others if you do not focus on them and the result can work completely against you. Take care of that! This is an important time to strategise, do just that. There will be time for you to catch up on your interests later!

You need to segregate time properly and try to stick to the schedule as much as possible, that way you are going to minimize your losses. Remember that time is short and it is not the one with the greatest amount of knowledge who is going to win this, it is the one who plays cleverly. So forget about all the theories about you needing to study 20 Hrs a day and what not, look at the larger goal, look at what you can do today and how close it gets you to the goal and focus just on that. One little thing today can mean a lot when you are closer to the exams. Don’t let the exam and the time pressure get to you, remember – you just have to play it clever 🙂


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