Insights 2015 Prelims Test Series – Schedule and Roadmap For 2015

DOWNLOAD (SCHEDULE FOR FIRST 13 TESTS) DOWNLOAD (SCHEDULE FOR NEXT 20 TESTS) Insights 2015 Preliminary Exam Test Series is intended to integrate both your Prelims and Mains – 2015 exam preparation. Both for Prelims and Mains, NCERT textbooks are very important. Everyone knows this. But everyone do not completely read them. Many topics that are …

Ethics and Integrity – Answer Writing Challenge – 35

ARCHIVES 05 September 2014 1) Critically examine the key issues and constraints in the implementation of Right to Information Act. (250 Words) Reference 2) At all time, a public servant’s priority should be serving his nation and its citizens, not the family. Do you agree with this view? Substantiate (200 Words)

Sociology -2014: Answer Writing Challenge – 3

ARCHIVES 05 September 2014 1) “The personality is formed, maintained and changed as the socialization process  moves along.” Explain. (400 Words) 2)  What functions does social conflict perform? Explain the nature of social conflict in  the developing countries today. (400 Words)

History -2014: Answer Writing Challenge – 3

ARCHIVES 05 September 2014 ‘Permanent Settlement disappointed many expectations and introduced there results that were not anticipated’ [2004 , 200 words] “Though the Permanent Settlement had serious defects, it gave tranquility to the countryside and stability to the government”. Comment. [2009, 200 words]  

Geography – 2014 – Answer Writing Challenge – 5

ARCHIVES 05 September 2014 1. “ Structure is a dominant control factor in the evolution of Landforms”    Discuss with suitable examples. (450 Words) Answer in 450 words each: (a)Highlight the geomorphic features essentially found in topographies under    the Second Cycle of Erosion. (b)Discuss views on slope development provided by L.C.King.