Sociology – 2014: Answer Writing Challenge – 1

ARCHIVES 03 September 2014 Substantiate, citing literature, the view that analysis of social stability and change has  been the main concern of classical sociologists. (400 Words) 2. Explain the view that the social system is a basic conceptual model useful in  understanding social organization. (400 Words)

Psychology -2014: Answer Writing Challenge – 2

ARCHIVES 03 September 2014 Paper 1 Topic :Issues and Perspectives in Modern Psychology Explain theory of Psychocybernetics? (400 Words) Paper 2  Topic :Environmental psychology “Environmental Factors are responsible for increasing Urban Crime”comment (400 Words)

Geography-2104: Answer Writing Challenge – 3

ARCHIVES 03 September 2014 Answer in about 450 words Discuss the concept of polycyclic landforms and present an analytical study of the  polycyclic landforms of a selected region. Discuss the concept of volcanicity and show how the theory of Plate Tectonics explains the mechanism of volcanism and volcanic eruptions.

Economics – 2014: Answer Writing Challenge – 3

ARCHIVES 03 September 2014 1) A number of production lines were reserved for the small scale sector in the pre-liberalization period. Did such reservation achieve its objectives? Explain in detail (300 words)  2) Distinguish between Currency Board Arrangement and dollarization. Why would a nation adopt one or the other? (150 words) 3) What is prisoner’s …