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Ethics and Integrity – Answer Writing Challenge – 31


30 August 2014

1) What do you understand by ethics of war? Identify and critically comment on different ethical dimensions that a war between two or more nations or a war between a nation and a terrorist group gives rise to.  (250 Words)

Reference – 1

Reference – 2

2) You are a boss of a small private organisation. You are about to meet important clients who will be visiting your office shortly. But you get a call from your wife that your son who is suffering from autism is performing dance in his school, which is first for you both and a very happy occasion. The meeting which was scheduled can not be postponed, moreover if the meeting is successful, your company benefits enormously in terms of new contracts. As you deem son’s performance is more important than the business deal, you ask your personal assistant to call the clients and tell them that you are unwell and the meeting can be held tomorrow.

Identify different personal and professional ethical issues present and examine if any values have been compromised  in the above case study? (200 Words)