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New Initiative: Insights Daily Discussions

One thing that is common between Mains and the Personality test is that UPSC thoroughly tests your opinion on conflicting socio-economic issues. If your opinions are polished and have substance, you are likely to be awarded more marks. Good opinions are in fact reflection of one’s deep understanding of their surroundings and various events – local, national and international.

Keeping in mind this requirement, we would like to start Daily Discussions on various current topics. Unlike in Secure-14 initiative, here we will post one question (like the one posted on Weekend Discussions) and you can debate/discuss the topic for an hour. If many serious aspirants contribute their opinions, everyone will get benefited.

Another objective is to keep you focused on exam all the time. Of course, this indirectly helps this site to grow too (if site grows, we get some money – I don’t want to pretend like modern Karna or Lord Ram – we need money to run this site and keep ourselves motivated too! 🙂 ) But it’s our passion to give you the best and help you succeed in your endeavours too. From experience we know that the more you are immersed in ‘Only Syllabus/Exam Related’ stuff, the better are your chances to get through this exam in minimal attempts. This new initiative is a step in this direction.

We will ask questions at this LINK from tomorrow. This is a new feature in the website where you can vote answers, choose the best one, categorize them according to syllabus topics and also tag them for searching any time.

This is not a Forum where you can discuss about everything. Discussion will be restricted to the question being asked.

Someone can volunteer and send us an exhaustive list of current topics. On those topics I will post questions daily.

There is one ‘downside’ to this new initiative. You need to login using Facebook, WordPress, Google, Live or Twitter accounts. This is to eliminate fake users and bring seriousness in discussions. Anonymous postings is not possible here. I want to make it clear that it’s also a limitation of the plugin used for this feature,  which I personally like for this kind of initiative where there are chances of some miscreants diverting the attention from the topic under discussion.

Just like in Secure-2014, every day a question related to a pressing issue will be posted here. Please participate and contribute your thoughts and ideas. This exercise will be very useful for your exam and interview.  You can also use this feature to beat your boredom, or use it to polish your writing skills. You won’t have word limit here. You can freely express your thoughts as long as they are objective and relevant to the topic in question.

Is someone wants to send a list of topics, please send them to: insightsonindia at gmail dot com

Thank you.


NOTE: At present I had posted few sample questions to check this new feature’s design and usability. You can try to answer them and see how it works!