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Full Length Mock Test – 2 Posted – It’s Just For Practice Purpose

Just posted Second Full Length mock test. Posted it without prior notice just to make sure that we don’t add up to your exam pressure by making you wait and then witness site crash under the load of high expectations.

Most questions are randomly picked from our test series. Around 40 questions are completely new (take from PIB etc).

Please don’t feel low if you score less. Just ignore your marks. Purpose of this test is to just make sure that you have touched upon important areas. Even if you haven’t read these things, it’s fine, you can still score better.

You know the secret now. It was revealed two days ago here. Please read it again.

If you don’t want to give this test it is OK. 🙂 It’s not so important. You can manage without it. But there will be some who want adventure even at this moment – you guys can take this test. Also those who are preparing for 2015 can give this test to know the kind of questions we frame.

Wish you all the best. Do well on Sunday.