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MOTIVATION: The Societal Pressure


Finding God in OthersWell! As the exams dawn upon you, there are various pressures that are running around you. And we categorize them into two

Internal Pressure

External Pressure

Both of them have a very strong role to play and esp when the time is at its crunch, you can feel them get stronger as well. Few days ago, we wrote about 9 practical thoughts for a tension free life. That might be of  a certain relevance here.

1) Internal pressure is something you have put on yourself about the syllabus that has to be completed, how much you have to read, what all you have to cover, how much you should score, the mock test and your performances in them and so on..

The only way to handle this is to know where you stand and what all you have done to get to this stage, appreciating yourself for all the efforts and knowing that you are going to find a way to make it work in your favour. Even if you think it is a lie, believe in it cos that is the one thing that is going to take you ahead and far ahead. You have to believe that you have it in you to make it work for you.

2) External pressure. 

This can manifest itself in a lot of ways. Few of them can be your peers, friends, society, relatives who have high expectations from you, people who think that the exam is too easy, people who don’t even understand what the process is about, people who feel it easy to feed you with dry motivation without even understanding how much pressure they are putting on you. This can be right from your parents to your closest relatives or your friends.

At this stage, my advice is – turn a deaf ear. You can listen to all of these later, don’t pick up your phone if you don’t feel like, change the subject, steer clear off the exam topic if you don’t want to talk. If they are pressurizing you, make sure that you take control and not let them pressure you. The society is a funny place, it can make your life haywire if you let it control you, but it can be a wonderful support if you are in control of it.

So.. Don’t worry much about these external pressures, every one of us have it no matter what we do and how we do. The only matter is how we respond to it and that defines a lot of your character and also your chances of success.


people keep asking about my failed interviews, people keep asking me uncomfortable questions about my career, people make me feel like a failure, people will make you feel like a failure if you let them, you cant let people affect you