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UPDATE – Insights Test Series Will be Closed on 17th August 2014 and About Forthcoming Programs

Insights test series for UPSC civil services Preliminary exam 2014 (Paper – 1) will be closed on 17th August 2014. You can not buy them after 17th August.

In case if someone wants to still buy them, you can do so at here:

Buy Insights Tests

We have sent 20 tests so far. One more bonus test is pending on 17th August. 

If you buy them now, all 20 tests would be sent in one go. Please buy them only if you have read all NCERT and other basic books. These tests will help you in revision of Paper-1.

We will start a new test series for 2015 Prelims from September-2014 itself. The program will be designed such that you will be made to prepare for 2015 exam without wasting a single day during the entire series. Details will be announced after this year’s prelims.

We won’t conduct any Mains Test Series. Free regular questions would be posted on the site every day apart from Secure questions. More participation would ensure that your answers are peer reviewed regularly.

In addition to free questions, free full length Mock exams (2 to 3) would be conduced in November and December (An option to upload PDF of your answer scripts for peer review would be provided)

In addition to these, Optional Writing Challenges would be resumed after Prelims. Please volunteer and send questions from all the subjects in a Word Document. Practising one or two questions every day would help you get very good marks in optional subject which holds key to your rank.

There will be a new initiative for 2014 Mains. We will start a daily Timed Discussion on important issues. For example, a question on  topic such as WTO Trade Facilitation Agreement would be posted for you to discuss its pro’s and con’s for India and the world. You can express your views freely for one or two hours, after which discussion will be closed on that day (later it will be opened for others to add their views) This will ensure that you are well aware of all important issues both for Mains and the Interview. 

Again, your participation is more important here. As we observed last year, those who participated in all initiatives, either made it into the final list, or at least for the interview. Regular practice helps immensely. All initiatives help you to prepare thoroughly for this exam only if you contribute by your participation and help others also by reviewing or constructively commenting on their opinions.

Note: Update on our 2014 Mains Offline Program would be released soon. Intake is 25 only. It will be an intensive answer writing programme for all GS papers and Essay paper.