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Insights Weekend Discussions – Week, 10 August 2014


10 August 2014


Today’s Topic

Poverty In India – Do We Need Poverty Line To Fight Poverty?

In India, there is more concern for poverty estimation than finding ways and means to fight poverty itself. Recently we were introduced to one more poverty line by one more committee. Add to this a new debate about World Bank’s new estimation.

Starting from the fundamental question of why we need a poverty line to the question of why we have failed to uplift so many Indians from the poverty trap, the debate about poverty is unending. But most of the debate is consumed in debating about the correctness of ‘poverty line’ estimations and their relevance.

In this discussion, we would like to know what’s your thoughts about these poverty lines, their methodology, their relevance, how they help in poverty eradication, or do we need them at all?