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MOTIVATION: What holds us back!


inspiration, motivation, ias exams, what holds you backToday we are going to talk about the things that hold us back, as a suggestion from Jayasimha. I understand that we all have our distractions, for some it is  TV, for some it is friends, for some it is fear and for some it is just staring at the wall. Whatever it is, it does hold us back, it does take the precious time from the preparation.

It is very interesting what the exam asks from you. One thing I am certain is that the exam doesn’t ask for someone who needs to spend 24Hrs preparing for this, which means, it is OK to have distractions, it is ok to have some leisure time for yourself. But you need to make sure that you are smart in organizing your priorities.

What I mean to say is, we need some recreation to do what we do best. But when we are doing what you do best, that should be all that the mind can think about. If you think your best is 6Hrs, make sure it is about the optimum usage of those 6Hrs. If it is 8, then even better. Don’t worry about anything else but do the best when you are at it. And when you are having fun, do that with full participation as well. You guys are smart, you are appearing for an amazing exam. Just show the exam how smart you are. Forget every other personal challenge you are ailing from. There will be time for that – THE ONLY THING STANDING BETWEEN YOU AND YOUR GOAL

For now, there is nothing standing between you and your goal. If you want to make the best out of it, you need to bring the best from it! For a moment, forget everything else, including the fear!

PS: This post was written as a suggestion from Jayasimha as to how to avoid distractions. Kindly let us know below if you have any thought in mind and we shall update you with a relevant post.


As for avoiding these distractions, I think there are various ways we can come up with a variety of solutions. But perhaps the one reason we do it is because we look at immediate pleasure over long term pain. We tend to push it a little minute by minute cos the current situation is far more powerful than what is going to happen after the exams. However if you are really keen on avoiding them, if you realize what is holding you back, everytime you realize that you are pushing the free time you can think of how bad it is to compensate for the same.

– Find a way to punish yourself.

– Ask your friend or family to keep a tab on you. The moment you exceed the break time, you should do something as a punishment, maybe spend an extra half hour reading a subject you hate and this comes from your next break period!

– Or asking your family to give you a chore you hate whenever they find you doing something irrelevant to the exams.

Rock-Climbing-Wallpaper-HD [iPhone]

The two greatest driving factors are pain and pleasure. The reason why we indulge in these actions is the immediate pleasure it provides us and it is the same reason as to why we extend it as well. But the moment we know that it can lead to an immediate pain as well, we either stop it or find a creative way to use it to our advantage.

I hope I have been able to answer your question Jayasimha.