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ETHICS and INTEGRITY – Answer Writing Challenge, 02 August 2014


02 August 2014

Your friend is staying with you and is preparing for the civil services exam along with you. He is from a very poor family. You know him since childhood. You have accommodated him for free of cost in your room. He is not paying for anything. Earlier he used to work hard, but lately he is spending his time mostly watching movies or talking to friends on the phone. There is another friend who wants to move in to your room. He is willing to pay half the rent. He will also arrange his own food.

Though you have made efforts to make your friend realize his mistakes, he still continues to spend time on unproductive activities. He has never disturbed you directly though. Recently the rent was increased. Now it is a burden for you to pay all the rent and food charges of your friend.

What will you do? Explain why. (200 Words)