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MOTIVATION: I will do it tomorrow!


How many times have you told this to yourself? I WILL DO IT TOMORROW?

And if the question is why? Well the answers are very varied. Here are few of the reasons we give ourselves when we procrastinate:

1) There will be more time tomorrow

2) It will be a lot easier tomorrow than today

3) I have stretched myself a lot today and I can do it better in a fresher mood.

And so on.. I think when it comes to reasons we are all pretty smart and there are highly justified ones as well. But the true question is : What are they achieving for you? What difference are they making to your life?

I understand and I have done it too. I have procrastinated a lot of things in my life, including posting this article which took till about noon while it should have come out at 6:00 am. But why do we do it in the first place? Apart from all the other reasons we give, I think sometimes we forget the importance and intensity a situation demands. We try to avoid the immediate pain cos it seems like hard work, it seems like stepping out of our comfort zone. The extra hour of sleep sounds a lot more fun.

We cannot say NO to something we know we should be doing. Hence we use the better word _ I will do it tomorrow. Well we all know that Tomorrow never dies, nor does the idea of procrastination. I think we are all at a stage now where tomorrow is absolutely meaningless. It is only today you have. The time you have at hand is very short and you got to do it quick in order to make a difference.

Also know that it is ok to take pain for the time being instead of taking the pain for a whole year. Brace yourselves and do it, cos nothing matters more than that!


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PS: This post was on suggestion from Mounika and Ashutosh. Kindly let us know below if you want us to write on a particular topic and we shall update you soon.