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Motivation: What is your inner voice saying?


I am sure enough has been talked about the postponement of exams, why some sections would be more difficult for some people over the others, why some people are at advantage compared to other and so on. And there is a always that doubt and uncertainty as to how to handle this and what decision people are going to come up with. For all this, there is only one suggestion – Turn a deaf ear!

Seriously! Turn a deaf year. You don’t know what they are going to decide, neither do I, neither do a lot of people who propose they do. Everyone has a nice argument as to why and how it should be tipped in someone’s favour. People have voiced their opinion and expressed suggestions as well.

That aside, the goal and the real battle is between you and the exams no matter what surprise it is going to throw at you. I believe in your argument, I also believe that it doesn’t seem completely fair, but nowhere in your birth certificate was it said that it is going to be a fair world out there! It is going to be challenging, there are going to be a lot of unknowns. But fear not, there is only one voice you need to listen to! The one which keeps saying inside you that you should do it no matter what. You are here to fight the battle in any way it is pushed at you and you are going to make it. That is the whole story behind it and that has to be your inner voice. Listen to nothing else now. All you have to do is put your heads down and conquer your books which are waiting for you.


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