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[UPSC MAINS-2014] Insights Secure-2014, July 26


26 July 2014

Answer ALL the questions in about 200 words

1) How is the Human Development Index calculated? Critically analyse India’s ranking in the 2014 HDI report.

Business Standard

2) Critically examine the multiple challenges that face the proper implementation of the Food Security Act in India.

The Hindu

3) Why is India objecting to the continued presence of UN observer mission at the Line of Control – UNMOGIP? Examine.

The Hindu

4) Critically comment on the functioning of UN Security Council

The Hindu

5) “The recent hostilities between Israel and Palestine are not rooted in only the immediate tensions between them; they are a product of recent changes that have taken place in the region.” Examine.

The Hindu

6) Critically discuss the Research and Development scenario in India’s Science and Technology sector.

The Hindu

7) “The 2014 Human Development Report (HDR) draws attention to the urgent need to address human vulnerabilities and build resilience as conditions for accelerating and sustaining progress.” Elucidate.

The Indian Express