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MOTIVATION: Stop Wishing and start doing!


in It is a time of the year where one thing is very short, it of course is the time. You have just under a month for the exams and a lot of things are running on your mind and a few of those thoughts might be these

1) How I wish I had a little more time! I would have cleared this exam in a very colorful manner!

2) How I wish I had time to read one more subject.

3) How I wish I had not spent time watching a movie or talking to a friend or doing something that was not entirely helping my preparation.

And a lot more of such reasons. But honestly! None of those reasons are going to matter to either you or me or even the UPSC board. What they care about is the amount of marks you get. What your friends will care about is whether you cleared it or not. What the society would care about is literally nothing.

There will be lots of ifs and buts, there will be lots of wishes and mistakes you would have done in the past. This is not the time to be thinking about it. This is not the time to be thinking of going back to the past and trying to fix it. (How to stop being a prisoner of your past?). The more you do it, the more stuck you are and you end up wallowing in it.

Shed out of it, the exams are here and that is the larger picture. Give it all you got cos it deserves nothing less!


How to use your time effectively?