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MOTIVATION: Live like there is no midnight!


uncertainty of exams, ias motivation, motivation Well the exams are nearing and the uncertainty factor is certainly at its best. No one ever know what the paper is going to be like. Perhaps that is one of the best things about UPSC exams, its unpredictability. There may be more math problems or more logic or more history in the GS section, but that is something you will get to know only when you sit for the exams.

There is a beauty about uncertainty though, it equalizes everyone, it brings everyone to the same base level of competition cos no one expects it. Granted that a better prepared one has a better chance of making it through. But what matters more is also the presence of mind you have, the adventurous spirit and above all maintaining your cool. Kinda like the one MS Dhoni has 😀 .

Either ways something that helps deal with uncertainty is that this is one situation which is never going to repeat again, atleast not in the same intensity. Give it all you got, give it the best shot, maybe it is all that it needs :).

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