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Motivation: It’s always my fault isnt it?


faults, exams, challenges, success, ias motivationThis probably might be one of my favourite questions to answer. Few days ago someone told me that they were constantly being disturbed by their roommate who was asking them questions unnecessarily, esp when they were studying. Someone else told me that the football match between Argentina and Germany was too good. Someone once said that now that they have made it 6 attempts things are getting challenging.

Well I am sure there are a lot more problems like this which you would be facing on a regular basis. And to that question I can always say that the fault is either your roommate or power cuts or your friends who keep bugging you with stupid problems or the media industry and what not. But question is, WHY DOES IT MATTER ANYWAY? Does it really matter whose fault is it?

Whose fault is it?

Who is the person who is actually getting affected by it? It is your exam, it is your battle, it is your effort and it is your struggle. End of the day when the exam is over, it is you who struggles, people are going to ask you. And you can always say that these were the reasons why you didn’t make it. But would you be satisfied with those reasons?

If you are thinking like me, then get up a bit, tell your friend that you can set aside a time and answer her/him only during that time. Tell your family/relatives/friends that you are busy right now and that they need to understand. End of the day, it doesn’t really matter as to whose fault is it. You are the one who suffers. So… Solve it!

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