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Motivation: It’s better to walk alone than follow a wrong crowd!


plan, preparation for ias, motivation I bet you are at a stage now where you have come a long way, made variations to your plans, worked them in various ways. With an exam so competitive, I am sure that each of your plans would be very different indeed and sometimes very different from the rest of the crowd. And in such a place, it is very hard to garner support from the others, esp when they are following the traditional methods.

(What do you need to be successful?)

The real truth is that they know only as much as the crowd has told them. It might seem like a safer route following the crowd so that when it goes wrong you can always blame it on them. However it takes a lot more than that to be successful. Not many from the crowd have made it through the turns of life. May it be the Einsteins or the Edisons or the Tendulkars of today, they all had something common in them. They all had the courage to stray away from the common path to do something they truly believed in.

And the path you are in is equally special indeed and the exam seeks to find the real you who is willing to respond accordingly. So, if people think that your plan is not going to work, let them! They are not the ones deciding your results.

Keep it going 🙂

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