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Motivation : Mary Kom


motivation, ias inspiration, upsc 2104 It was very exciting to see the posters of the upcoming movie Mary Kom. It makes me feel quite happy that cinema is moving towards a respectable trend.

That aside, talking of Mary Kom today, here are a few gems of motivation from her

1) The only woman boxer to have won a medal for India

2) Came from a very poor family and a not very privileged back ground to work her way to the top

3) She had taken an 8 year break and when she returned, she clinched the Silver Medal

4) She did the honor of bearing the queen’s baton during the commonwealth games of 2010.

I do understand that we appreciate our cricketers a lot, but there are these beacons who deserve a lot of respect as well. For a person who had come from hardships, made her way through to the top, still in the race managing two kids of her and giving enough time for practice with a promise to reappear and a hope to clinch the title. Wishing her the very best and taking the strand of motivation for her, no matter what challenges we are put through, I am sure there is a way out 🙂

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