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ETHICS and INTEGRITY: Answer Writing Challenge, 17 July 2014


17 July 2014

You have passed UPSC Civil Services exam with a very good rank (Rank 10) and you have given first preference to IAS and your home state. You will get home cadre as you are the topper from the state and there is vacancy available under your category. A former Chief Minister, who belongs to your caste, now wants to make you his Son-in-Law.   Just like you, his daughter is also a graduate from top foreign university, she is very beautiful and as per information gathered from different sources by your parents, she is a down to earth and sweet girl.

The former Chief Minister is also the head of the political party he belongs to and there is every chance that he would become Chief Minister again if his party comes to power in next elections. Your parents are on cloud nine ever since this marriage offer has been proposed.

The former Chief Minister was jailed for few years in the past on corruption and murder charges. There are serious cases still pending against him in different courts. He is very rich. His business empire runs into thousands of crores. He has only one daughter.

His family has liked you a lot for your personality and looks also. They want you to be their Son-in-Law at any cost. The girl has also liked you. Recently they have sent costly gifts to your parents, about which you were unaware of.

1) Do you think it is unethical for you to marry the girl as you are going to serve in the same state and where there are chances of you working under your future Father-in-Law? Comment. (150 Words)

2) Will you deny this marriage proposal because your father-in-law was a criminal and many cases against him are pending? Comment. (100 Words)

3) Critically examine ethical issues involved in this case study. (100 Words)