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MOTIVATION: Don’t give up!


Found this fantastic brochure on how to never give up in life. Although the caption reads entrepreneur, I am sure the same rules can be applied to an IAS aspirant as well.

How to never give up

I won’t be a staunch optimist and say that everything would be a smooth sail for you nor will I be a staunch pessimist saying that nothing will ever work for you, nor shall I claim to be a realist and tell you what is best by a caluclated decision (Who is an Optimist or a pessmist ot a realist anyway?)

But something I am going to insist over and over again is that one thing that is going to make you a sure shot success. NEVER GIVE UP! I am sure there will be those moments which make us think whether the whole journey is worth it all. Sometimes the same question resonates over and over again. For those thoughts I have one answer – NEVER GIVE UP. Clouds may look dark, it might not look sunny at all but never give up. There will be moments which make you question yourself but never give up. (How to never give up! ). Think of all the reasons why you held this so close to yourselves and wanted to do it and one last time I say again…