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MOTIVATION: It never gets easier!


969975_10152096760398831_3579955386399594579_nIt’s true! I am not bluffing here or trying to feed you some fake motivation. Trust me nothing ever gets easier in this world, things are as hard as they used to be. But  again something does change, yes it does and it seems like I am defeating my earlier statement. But that change which happens is a lot more permanent, a lot better and a lot stronger which definitely improves your chances of winning which in turn makes you feel that it gets easier!

Truth is nothing ever does and nothing ever needs to be. You just get better at it. I remember the first time I read Indian Polity and I dreaded it, I wondered how I could even remember any  of these stuff, the same thing happened with the optionals, the same thing with GS and geography and a lot of other subjects as well. None of the subjects ever changed, it is we who did and it made the whole process a lot easier. Give yourself some credit once in a while (Why you should make a list of your achievements once in a while! ). You really have come very far in chasing your dream and you really have accomplished a lot to get here. Pat yourself on the back cos you deserve it. I agree that the journey is not yet complete and it is about to take a new phase but once in a while do take a moment to tell yourself how far you have come and that is exactly the reason as to why you are going to reach a remarkable success in the process. Nothing just gets easier, it is just that you have gotten better at it! 🙂