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INSIGHTS TEST SERIES – Avail Discount and Download A Free Test (Plus Solutions)


In our first test series for UPSC Civil Services Preliminary Exam 2014 (Paper – 1), we have tried to give quality questions in all the tests. So far 17 tests have been sent to subscribers. Four more tests would be sent as per the schedule given to them.

Earlier 20 tests were announced. We are giving one extra test in the end to give you sufficient practice before actual Prelims.

This year’s result has proven that Paper – 1 is very important for many aspirants to get good marks in Prelims to be on the safer side. Many are getting high scores in Paper-2 and getting qualified for the Mains. If the difficulty level in Paper-1 is increased by the UPSC, this might affect the overall score yours. Moreover, preparing well for the Paper-1 will help build strong foundation for Mains General Studies papers’ preparation after prelims.

To crack this exam you need lots of practice. You need to revise everything you have studied till now. Solving model papers and previous question papers help you revise all the sources meaningfully as you will come to know the areas you might have had missed earlier.

Keeping in mind both Mains and Prelims, we had designed our tests. Till now we have made our subscribers go through all important NCERTs (6th to 12 std), Bipan Chandra, Laxmikanth, Ramesh Singh, Goh Cheng Leong, India – 2014, Majid Hussain (selectively), and important current events.

Those who have completed these books can enrol to our test series even now. These tests will help in revision of your concepts.

For freshers who want to appear in 2015, you can wait till August. We will start test series  for 2015 from the last week of August.

Those who want to appear in 2014 Prelims can still take these tests provided you are confident about solving these questions despite lack of preparation. But we strongly urge aspirants to give exam only if you have prepared well. Please don’t waste attempts at any cost.

We would like to reiterate that these tests are meant to introduce you to all the important topics that are important for Prelims this year. Most of the questions are difficult. This is just to help you prepare for the worst. Most questions are concept based. We agree that here and there fact based questions have been asked. We believe that these will also help in some or other way in your preparation.

As there are only 45 days are left, it would be unfair for newcomers to pay full amount (Rs 3300/-). That’s why we are offering discount for those who want to enrol from today onwards.

Please pay just Rs 2500/- at the following link.  You will get all 17 tests instantly and rest of the tests as per the schedule.


You can DOWNLOAD our first test and its solutions for FREE to get the taste of our test series (Link is given below). The first test was based on the following books and topics:

NCERT Social Science (class VI to VIII)
1.       History – Our Past
2.      The Earth Our Habitat
3.      Social and Political Life – I
4.      Social and Political Life – II
5.      Our Pasts – II
6.      Our Environment
7.      Resource and Development
8.      Social and Political Life-III
9.      Our Pasts – III
NCERT Science 
1.       Class VI
2.      Class VII
Current Events
1.       Important Bills passed
2.      Important Judgements

DOWNLOAD the TEST from the below links:

Question Paper 

Please feel free to share these tests with friends who can not afford these tests. Or you can share money among yourselves and pay for these tests. In case someone is very poor and can’t afford to even to share amount with your friends for these tests, please feel free to mail me at: insightsonindia at gmail dot com. We truly believe that a real civil services aspirant will be honest and won’t misuse our little gesture to help the needy.

Please don’t share these tests on any forum and as torrents. Thank you for your love and kind support.