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ETHICS and INTEGRITY – Answer Writing Challenge, 09 July 2014

ETHICS and INTEGRITY – Answer Writing Challenge, 09 July 2014

1) What do you understand by political attitudes? Examine the factors that have shaped political attitudes in India. (200 Words)


2) Shraddha  recently landed a well paying software job in a reputed company in Bangalore. She has an ambition to become a civil servant. She is working hard towards it. Recently she wrote the entrance for Prime Minister’s Rural Development Fellowship (PMRDF) and got selected as its Fellow.  Though she received better salary in the present job, she wanted to accept the PMRD Fellowship and work for it. She will be posted in a far away state from her present location. The district where she will be posted is a sensitive region severely affected by Naxal problem. Few days ago, few civil servants and policemen were killed by Naxals in an ambush.

Shraddha’s parents do not want her to leave the present job. Her boyfriend with whom her marriage is fixed is also not supporting her. She thinks that this fellowship would equip her with skills needed to work as an IAS officer in case she gets selected in future. 

  1. If you are in Shraddha’s place, what decision will you take? Give reasons. (150 Words)
  2. Do you think it’s right on her boyfriend’s and parents’ part to say no to her decision? Critically comment. (100 Words)