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MOTIVATION : The easy way?


It was quite a thrilling match if you watched yesterday and I really hoped Federer would win, but well, its all in the game. I have always been inspired by Federer and to see him lose wasn’t the easiest thing. I was reading a little more about him and came across this thought.

People have often asked us as to what the easy way is for the exam, the crack codes so that they read just those books, just those classes and just those bits of hard work so that success is ensured. We all naturally think that we are smart (How smart do you have to be to achieve?) and try to find the short cuts to get to what we need the most. Granted that there are a few which you can take which might make your life easier, but something you will have to do no matter what is give that time and energy that the exam demands cos trust me, there is no way around it, no matter how smart you are or how intelligent you are. Like we have always maintained, the exam is not about your intelligence, it is about your EQ – your emotional quotient and in a long stretch like UPSC, it is your character which counts most and not your smarts!

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Nothing worthwhile was ever achieved without hard work!