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[ESSAY STRATEGY] Strategy For Essay Paper – Sahil Garg (Marks 140/250)



Sahil Garg (Rank – 471, CSE-2013)


Essay is one of the most important paper in UPSC Civil Services Mains Exam. It comprises of one essay of about 2500 words and carries 250 marks. Therefore, it is necessary to have a fair selection of the essay and maintain the flow with regard to your thoughts. Those who have sociology as optional can make use of various scholars and their theories to enhance their writing. My essay was ‘GDP or GDH(score – 140/250).

Selection of Essay

Selection of essay is most important because once you start with it, you cannot look back or start with a new one. Therefore select an essay in which you know you  can write. Now, some people will say that they don’t have the know-how about how to write such a long essay. I will say that it would be better to write good content (above 1500-1700 words will fetch you good marks).

After you select an essay, think it from a wider dimension and don’t confine to a particular sphere. Like in poverty, other than economic dimension, it has political, social, humanistic dimension as well. Further, we suffer from poverty of knowledge(women not demanding their rights in household), poverty of humanity( parents killing their child), poverty of culture, poverty of nationalism(NE exodus, regionalism) and so on.

In my context, I advocated that as GDH comprises respecting and promoting cultural harmony, it carries a significant meaning in Indian context with multiple cultures and thus can bridge trust deficit etc etc

Therefore, write as much as you can on the last page of the sheet and then try to streamline them in a fashion that it shows the flow of essay and your thoughts.

I would also prefer not to write out of context stories which have no relevance. I have seen people writing irrelevant stories in their essay to increase the length. It is better to write to the point and explain in a manner that is not repetitive.

Start essay with a ‘text/ quotation’ that sets the precedent for your first paragraph. If you are not able to remember any saying of a popular personality, better to avoid and start with something that is not abrupt but sets a platform for your topic.

The same flow shall be maintained in the body of the essay. Always try to analyse the point you put forward and never add irrelevant information at any cost.  In conclusion, always try to write your opinion (I did, not recommended) and what is your stand on the topic. The conclusion shall not be more than 200 words.

One Golden rule

Only writing constantly on any topic that appear in newspaper,  whether for 200 words will help a lot in increasing your essay marks. Always use simple English.

And last but not least

Insights is the best website on which you can increase your writing skills. It provides you ample opportunity for willing candidates to achieve the desired goals.

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