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MOTIVATION: The world is not going to be kind!

It has been a while now since the results are out. The ones who got a great rank are out merrying and the ones who aren’t satisfied are back on the race. I do understand the feeling of rejection, (How to handle rejection?) it is certainly not the best feeling in the world. However, it does have something to offer if we look at it closely. The last thing in the world it is trying to say is that you are not capable, it never means that it is testing your abilities, all that it is trying to say is that some things did not work out and you have an opportunity to rectify it.

I also do understand that once the results are out and the next notifications are announced, the time gap is not that great to recuperate from the fall. It is not the friendliest battle out there where situations are going to be conducive for you. I have often debated this with my friends – “Should a person who has got an interview call be given a free pass atleast to the mains for the next attempt?” The answer has been a conflicting one and now I have reached a stage of understanding where I believe that just cos you are feeling sorry for yourself, it doesn’t mean that the world is going to be friendly to you. It is going to be the same, nothing is going to change but your outlook.

I actually appreicate the fact that UPSC offers you a short mourning period from one exam to another, that way it is keeping you busy and giving you an alternative than feeling very bad about yourself. Don’t get me wrong, I definitely understand that it hurts, the feeling is sometimes unbearable as well. But having said that, it is not going to make a difference for the next one .Whether you like it or not, you have to start on a clean slate each time and make sure that you bring out your best, no matter how bad you feel about it. I agree and I feel for you, but the truth is bitter sometimes and so is life, it makes you bend your knees and stay there for a while, and it will keep you there forever if you bend. But that is the beauty of inspiration, you know what you are worth and if you are committed enough to do what all it takes to get it, then the world is presenting you another opportunity.

Yesterday was certainly a bad day, a bad result, but it was yesterday! ( “The past was Yday wasn’t it? ). It is the fresh dawn and the fresh day and a clean slate. You can paint as beautiful a picture as you want or you may not want to paint at all. Life is all about the choices you want to make. Make sure that you do enough justice to it 🙂

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