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India is an unbelievably wealthy country!

India is an unbelievably wealthy country because India alone understands the futility of materialism

– Andre

I couldn’t help sharing this quote. I came across this one in the book – “Inspite of Gods” by Edward Luce, a westerner’s view about India after independence and a view that offers a wider perspective of the country. Among the many things he mentions in his book, the ones I love are his perspectives about the country, his views and ideas as to how it has shaped. It provides you a complete picture of what the country would have been like and what the country is today and gives a better panoramic view.

I love the one line above where he says India is an unbelievably wealthy country. I am sure it has been mentioned over and over again how the west has plundered the east for its wealth. At one point India alone controlled 25% of the world’s wealth, no wonder so many people were interested in coming here and establishing a settlement and slowly taking over the naive rulers – ‘Divide and Rule” philosophy which worked very well cos people were very blinded by a short term view over a longer one and thus putting their own independence in jeopardy. I guess that probably would be an open debate.

However if you look around the world and the developed nations, I am certain we can see the industries, manufacturing units, exports, trade which have been fully fledged earning the countries a lot of revenue and I also feel that we are lagging behind them in a considerable way as well. But when it comes to ethics, we are a nation who introduced the Bhagawadgita still known to be amongst the best treatises for management in the world. A country which believed salvation was above all. A country which had a deeper understanding of the self that any other country had ever professed.

Vivekananda had once said –“The west is incredibly rich in its materialism and the east is incredibly rich in its spirituality. A perfect balance between the two is where your true life stays” . So the next time someone dares to say that you are from a poor country shove this quote down their throat and tell them – This was said by a British general, and perhaps we can learn to respect it in a similar way!


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