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“Focusing is about saying No.”

  -Steve Jobs

Well! The notifications are out, I am sure all of you are geared up for the exams and it is going to be a lot more fun from now on. I am sure you would have also heard people that the next few days is going to be very crucial and you must be sitting in front of the books for more than 24 Hrs a day :P. Well, no matter how energetic that sounds, I am sure you all know how impossible that is and sometimes to an extent to make you laugh as well.

I promise you that I am not going to advise that. It is not the number of hours you put into study, it is the amount of study you put into the hours. It is not about saying no to a cricket match while you sit at home and think how it would be to knock a ball off the park. It is not about saying no to a movie and think how Wolverine would be ripping the enemies down to the ground. It is about something else that makes an exam and the results different altogether. It is about your focus, your attention. I am not going to say that you need to start saying no to every entertainment in your way. It is about picking and choosing. Pick and choose where your productivity is best during the day and give it exactly that. Don’t go in for an unreasonable sacrifice which makes you lament later. You have a promise and a committment to yourself, stick to that timeline, use your resources and time very carefully and make a difference to the exam. I do agree that focus is about saying NO to things, it is also about picking the time and experiences you say NO to. Anything that pushes you or surges you ahead is a serious YES and something that pulls you down, even if it is masked in the cloak of books might actually be a NO. The whole deal is pick and choose 🙂

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