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MOTIVATION : 3 Essentials to reach your goal!

The three great essentials to achieve anything worth while are: Hard Work, Stick-to-itiveness, and Common sense.

– Edison

Well I guess I do love to paraphrase – Edison already has spoken about the three greatest requirements for a success and I guess you all have been told the first part over and over again and I don’t want to bore you with HARD WORK once more. I am sure you all have done your part. But I am also aware that along the process there are a lot of distractions which tend to ask us a lot of questions about our strategy, our approach, abilities, beliefs and a lot more things. I do agree that a few questions are very valid like the strategy or feedback front where in it is in your control whether to make a change or not.

However if someone asks about the other parts – abilities, beliefs and other things, I guess we have resolved that part already haven’t we? There is certainly no excuse if you are going to doubt yourself at this stage of the exam. You guys have all done it, given what it deserves, pulled yourself up at tough times and if you are asking questions of self doubt, it is another way of saying that you are undermining your own effort. I do agree that for an exam of this dimension, nothing ever seems enough and you keep feeling that you ought to have done more. The challenge is how you use this feeling to get the maximum out of yourself in the coming months before the exam.

The exam is not going to ask you anything about rocket science, it is going to be simple, it is going to be common. The exam is not about making specialists out of you but how best a generalist you can become. Like I said, I do love to paraphrase, you have done your hard work, stick to the beliefs you have – look for new thoughts which can help you in the process and be simple about it. You don’t need a reinvention to make this work, you got all you need inside of you. All it needs is just doing it now 🙂