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Insights Secure-2014: Questions On Current Events and General Studies


23 May 2014

Answer ALL the following questions in about 200 words

1. In the light of recent controversy involving Credit Suisse Group and US regulators, examine the nature of Swiss banking system. How can India benefit from the positive outcome of the mentioned controversy? Comment.

Business Standard

2. Examine the problems being faced by the sugar industry in India. In your opinion, what measures need to be taken to revive the industry? Explain.

Business Standard

3. What measures need to be taken to make agriculture as an industry rather than an occupation? Discuss.

The Hindu

4. Critically comment on recent political crisis in Thailand. Examine what role can India play to resolve this crisis in Thailand.

The Hindu

5. In your opinion what role should India play to have a  friendly relationship with its neighbours, especially with SAARC members? In the light of its policy towards its neighbours in recent years, critically comment.

The Hindu

6. Comment on the rapid growth of e-commerce in India and its advantages and disadvantages to the Indian economy.

The Hindu


7. Critically analyse how globalization has affected Indian education system.

Reference – Self


8. What are  endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDCs)? Why were they in news recently? Explain.

The Hindu

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