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MOTIVATION : Do you think you’ve suffered?

And no heart has ever suffered when it goes in search of its dream

– Paulo Coelho

Do you think the exam has exhausted you to your wits end?

Do you think it has been a strain all through?

Do you think it has spent a lot of your emotions and tired you out?

Do you think it is unfair that the process has to be so long and so competitive?

Do you really think you have suffered?



Well, to all this, I have this one simple question – Are you following your dream, your passion, your desire? If the answer is yes, no matter what you have as an answer for the above is mute. I understand that it has been tough, but that doesn’t mean anything else, it just means that it has been tough and I agree, it will be and that is the magnitude of this exam. You knew the challenges when you took it up, you knew it was something you really wanted to do, no matter what. Well there you go, in pursuit of a dream, time and again you will be put to challenges but that doesn’t mean anything else – it just means to check as to how badly you want it and the answer is going to be given by only one person and that’s YOU!

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