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UPDATE – UPSC Civil Services Preliminary Exam 2014 Notification Won’t Be Announced Tomorrow (17th May, 2014)

UPSC may not (or it won’t) announce notification tomorrow for Civil Services Preliminary Exam 2014. Earlier, in its time table for 2014 examinations, May 17th was mentioned as the date of Notification.

Now they have removed this date indicating that the notification may be delayed.

This is just to inform you so that you don’t spend (waste) time waiting for its announcement tomorrow.

See the Updated Time Table Here. (see Serial No. 14 and 15)

Don’t worry about speculations and rumours. Keep preparing for the exam. Thinking about pattern change etc etc won’t help you much in your exam preparation unless you get the information officially from the UPSC itself. So, until everything is official, it’s better if everyone keep preparing for GS papers at least.

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