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MOTIVATION : What are the things in your way?


Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goals.

– Henry Ford

 As the exams get nearer, I am sure there are a lot of questions, a few fears coupled with excitement that loom on your head, that keep asking you a few things like – IS IT GOING TO BE ENOUGH? AM I GOING TO MAKE IT? WILL I HAVE ANY UNFORESEEN CHALLENGES? WHAT CAN I DO IF THIS DOESN”T WORK OUT? I HAVE SACRIFICED SO MUCH, WHAT IF THINGS DON”T WORK OUT? And a lot more questions like that… I am not saying that it is wrong to have questions like that, everyone has them, even the toppers! Even they are not sure, even we are not sure no one is. What I am trying to say is how best we deal with it. It is a given that we are going to face this challenge, the cards have been dealt – it is only a matter of how you play your hand now.

The moment you get these questions in your mind, ask yourself – WHAT AM I HERE FOR? WHAT IS THE REASON I AM WRITING THIS FOR? WHY DO I WANT TO BE AN OFFICER? And ,more.. Ask yourself these questions about your goal, about why you want to get there – not whether you would be able to do it or not. It would be a wrong question. You have started the journey, you will be able to do it. There is no second question there. Any other question you get in these lines is an obstacle, it will be an impediment standing between you and your goal, not something which drives you there, not something which excites you. And when you are preparing for something of a higher magnitude, something which holds you back has no place there. Of course the obstacles look scary, of course they look big, but your goal is bigger than that, stronger than that, it keeps you more energised than that! Look at what you need than what you fear and you have an answer for yourself. Obstacles will scare you, the more you take your eyes off the goal, the bigger they become – Your goal is your answer, your goal is your solution, your goal is everything you have!

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