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MOTIVATION : It is how we see the exam!

It all depends on how we look at things, and not how they are in themselves.

– Carl Jung

How do you look at the exam? Does it appear like a huge task with three big layers – The prelims, The mains and the Interviews – Each more daunting than the other. I am sure when you are preparing, most seniors and the peole who you went to take advice with would have said that it is one of the toughest exam in the world, you would need atleast 7 attempts to clear it, 7 years of hard work and a lot more like that? Before you answer that, let me ask you this question – Who were these people, how many attempts did they take to clear this? If they took 7, it is natural that they will tell you it is the toughest thing on earth, on the contrary, if they took 1, you get a different perspective of the exam altogether.

I am not discounting the fact that it is a tough examination, it is tough, I agree, everything worthwhile in the world is going to be tough! No one ever promised you a smooth sail. But any difficulty or challenge is just 10% of what it is and 90% of how you look at it. You can look at the exam as the toughest thing which requires loads of sacrifice, you can look at it as a walk in the park – all the exam needs from you is a set of things – a dedicated study, known syllabus, your presence of mind, personality and more things like that. If you are giving what the exam deserves, you are in, if not – you have a shot to make it right, and as for the question how tough it is – HOW TOUGH DO YOU WANT IT TO BE?

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