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MOTIVATION : Live your successes

Perseverance is not a long race; it is many short races one after the other.
-Walter Elliot

One of the challenges with the UPSC exam is that it is a long process spread across a whole year and the final result takes a lot of processes before coming and it kinda puts us in a spot wondering as to what is going to happen. I have almost always had this complaint about the exam and wondered how to tackle this.

I think one of the mistakes being the view that only the result is the gain from the process. We are probably looking at one ultimate success that the smaller successes seem to take a backseat in the process. I don’t want to seem spiritual here when I say success is in the journey and not the destination. But think about it, I do agree that the final goal is an astounding one. But let me ask you, how many times have you had an opportunity to pat yourself on the back and say job well done. How many times have you realized that you are getting closer to the goal and how have you acknowledged that? It is easy to look at the final goal and be lost in the process. But I would certainly ask, if you are looking at the one final answer, where are the small answers, the small successes which motivate you, keep you inspired and makes you realize that you are getting there?
Well the answer maybe in the mock tests, the peer level discussions, maybe taking up different examinations to identify how far you have come and how much more capable you have become from the time you have started preparing for the exam. Sometimes you don’t have to wait that long to realize that you are a success, there will always be these small opportunities, the small races which equip you well for the bigger race. And the small races become equally important cos they make you win the big one. In contrast you can wait for that one result and do a grand celebration or you can celebrate a lot of these smaller successes and then do a bigger celebration for the final one cos it deserves it. Frankly I would select the latter!

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