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MOTIVATION : Don’t let the exam pressurize you


I always had a dream to play for India but I never let it put pressure on me

– Sachin Tendulkar

I don’t think  it would be easy to find a quote closer than this to the UPSC exams. I think it might be safe to assume that a lot of people here have come with a goal of making a difference, some to society, some to their own lives and some to others. But I am sure at one end, the idea of service is also one of the motivating factors on your list. I would say no matter what reasons you have for choosing to take up these exams, they are great cos they are making you take this exam and that is strong enough to make you stay through the process.

It is a beautiful dream to have, to crack the exams, adorn the positions you love the most and tackle the challenges along the way. And also it is quite easy to assume a lot of pressure about the exam since the competition is severe and the number of people taking it is no less either. But something that might help you to remember through the process is the idea above. I do agree that being there in the forefront is one goal we all share, the goal which drives us, inspires us, motivates us to keep going no matter how hard it feels. But it also does pay to remember that you own the exams and it is not the other way round. It is the factor that you take the calls, you make the decisions and you find ways to address the challenges that come along. The exams are an entity which will be the same no matter what happens. It is easy to check blame on the system and the exams and let it take complete control over you and dictate terms for you. But it might help to keep remembering this every often, you cannot let it take control of you, it is always the other way round, it is you first and then the rest will follow.

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