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~V.Nagaraju –

Why worry? If you’ve done the very best you can, worrying won’t make it any better

– Walt Disney

I promise I wouldn’t really mind if you laugh out loud reading the title of the article. Let me try and guess what is going on in your mind – Why worry? Come on, why not? There are so many things in this process to think about, so many processes, books , time tables, classes, peer pressure, limited attempts and I am asking you to leave worry, I really sound a little insane don’t I?

Well, be that as it may, something I would really like to stress upon is what the quote is trying to tell us, what Bhagawadgita and Karmayoga have been trying to tell us all our lives – Do your duty and the results will take care of itself and you. I think in the grooming process of our educational and personal set up, we most often are asked to look at results, set a pole and start running towards it, no one seems to care how  you run, the beauty of  a run, what you get out of a run, all that seems to catch the eye is the person crossing over the line. I do agree that it is a beautiful thing crossing over the line but I would like to try and think out loud. For me, it looks like an exam with a lot of competition and the goal has to be to bring out the best of your personality forward, we so many times seem to be so focussed on the final goal that we miss out on the beauty and the nitty gritties of the means. Take care of the means and let them take care of you. The more you are going to worry, the less your chances to making it. Like the quote says, do the best you can, be the best you can be, when these things coincide, why just UPSC or IAS, there are a lot more things in this world which need to be conquered. You just need to pull off that mask of worry and look BIG!

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