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MOTIVATION : Keeping it going

~V.Nagaraju –

Today was good. Today was fun. Tomorrow is another one.


Ever get tired of doing the same thing over and over again? And think of how many more days you have to keep doing it? Well the answer is pretty simple – As long as it takes to get there. We all know how big the challenge was when we took this up and what all it is going to entail. Granted that there will be days when it comes to this – comes to the thought that you feel a little tired and a little frustrated. But something that might help a bit is taking days one at a time.

I do know that this is a long and hard process and it has already demanded so much out of you and I promise you that it is going to demand further. But, like Dr.Seuss says, we sometimes just need to look at the fun element of the day and tomorrow is going to be one more like that and so is the day after. Success never came to those who wished for it in a day, it took a process, it took a lot of decisions and hardships and it made successes out of people who tried it. People were never born successful, they modified themselves according to the process and the process embraced them and success merely followed the means. Perhaps that is all we need – faith in the system and the faith in ourselves to pull it off and like we said – what does it need? – and the answer is – All you got!

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