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MOTIVATION: How many years would you need to prepare for IAS?

And in the end, it’s not the years in your life that count. It’s the life in your years

~Abraham Lincoln

Well, how many years do you think you would need to prepare for this exam. Well I guess I will try and rephrase it, how many attempts would you need? Maybe the quote above has an answer – As much as you think you need. I certainly would want to stipulate by the understanding of this thought,  it is not the amount of time you put into something, it is the quality of the time you put into something, how much of your heart and essence you put into it.

I do agree there are a lot of things which balance the exams, including strategies, knowledge, time availability, and so much more and the effort you have put in is enormous. But my question would still remain the same, we have seen people do it in 1 attempt, we have seen those doing it in 4 and more. But something I would be interested about is what made the ones who got in, get through, what were the right cards they played and is there a way of playing them quicker cos we all know that there is something more precious at stake here and that is time. And we need to find the quickest way to get there and the solutions we find are our own and the life to finding those solutions makes all the difference!

Today’s pick – Are legs the only thing you need to run?