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MOTIVATION : How smart should you be to clear IAS?

~V.Nagaraju –

It’s not that I’m so smart; it’s just that I stay with problems longer.

– Albert Einstein

How about one of the smartest men on earth saying this for a change? I have often wondered how smart  people should be in order to achieve the greatest heights in life. And I have really met some very smart and interesting people and sometimes I have felt that they were even the gifted ones. But when I see their lives and what they have done with it, it makes me feel there sure was so much potential, why didnt it materialize? Probably this above was the answer.

People have often asked us as to how difficult it is to clear IAS exams and how much IQ one should have to make it through? Well this is a smarter examination, it tests something more important here – your EQ – Emotional Quotient. If only smartness was on the only ingredient for life, it would have been an unfair world right? Well I guess it is not! Even Einstein failed his entrances, so did RKN but they did go on to make something fascinating out of it. They stayed on course to their goals. It was not the perceived smartness of the world that made them through. I am sure Einstein was not coined smart till his contributions became worthwhile, I am sure there would have been kids who made  fun of him and called him dumb! But, I think he was smarter than that to realize it was not just the smarts that takes you through!

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