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MOTIVATION : Is IAS the greatest risk you have taken?


The policy of being too cautious is the greatest risk of all.

~ Jawaharlal Nehru

Is it? Really? Do you think sacrificing the other options and deciding to take this exam is the biggest risk you have taken? Well I really do urge you to think again. You all have come here with very specific reasons and goals and dreams and a real passion to make it all happen. Of course it is not going to be easy, but things which are worth it are never easy. If that were the case, every person in India would have been a civil servant now! ;).

Sorry if I am being a little too pushy but I certainly do believe that you have not taken a great risk at all. You have come here cos you have some solid reasons and justifications for the same. It is not Luck By Chance. And this is certainly not a place for someone who wants to be cautious and be very calculative, it certainly is for the brave ones, the ones willing to take the risks and try to identify what the big picture is and deliver the same. There will be challenges which will throw you off track and there might be times which make you think of your decision about risks and the exams. But then, think of the very reasons you started with, that might help bring things back in line 🙂

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