General Studies – Daily Answer Writing Challenge

ARCHIVES 22 April 2014 Topic: World History – World Wars Question: According to the Sykes Picot Agreement, the Husein-McMahon letters, and the Balfour Declaration, how did the powers plan to dispose of the Ottoman Empire in the Middle East? What did they promise the Arabs and the Jews? (200 Words) Reference Norman Lowe – Modern World History …


Topic: 9.5 – Biological basis of Race Question write notes on the  (100 words each) a. Racial criteria b.Racial traits in relation to heredity and environment c.Racial classification Next Topic 9.5 – Biological basis of Race

GEOGRAPHY – Answer Writing Challenge

Topic: PHYSICAL GEOGRAPHY – GEOMORPHOLOGY Question  ”Structure is a dominant control factor in the evolution of landform” Discuss with suitable examples. (200 words/CSM 2002) Next Topic PHYSICAL GEOGRAPHY – GEOMORPHOLOGY