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MOTIVATION : Don’t worry!

~V.Nagaraju – Inspire99

Don’t worry about a thing, every little thing is gonna be alright

~Bob Marley

There is so much to study, history, polity, geography, general studies…. what not… If we look closely there is so much to worry about, panic and start hustling ourselves into the process and running. But sometimes we realize it is so easy to miss out on the larger picture when we are on the run and focus more on the details and less on the real goal. I do understand each of these minor processes and the subjects play a significant role in clearing the exam.

But it so happens that en route preparation we have a few favourite subjects and a few subjects we would hate. How do we treat them? One way is to worry about the individual details and our weaknesses in the same. The other way is to look at the broader picture and identify how much of relevance each have and even if you are weak in a few arenas you probably need not be worried about them. You might just have to find ways to work with them while fixating on your strengths. I am sure we all identify the strengths and weaknesses as we go further in the process. It is not about being an expert in all but it is about identifying a co-existence between them and trying to work that in your advantage. We are after all looking for the role of a generalist and in such a place, you really can’t afford to worry about one thing or one detail, it certainly becomes very important to see how that thing is placed in the larger picture and how you work around it. In the broad scheme of things, everything has to be alright 🙂

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