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MOTIVATION : Believe you can!


Believe you can and you’re halfway there

– Theodore Roosevelt

The one question that would have stumped every aspirant at the start of the journey is – “CAN I DO IT?”. Amongst a lot of things I could say, I can happily say that believe that you can and you have done it, end of the story, you need not do the hard work, face the challenges, burn the midnight oil, miss a few parties and so on.. That’s a fairly simplistic way of looking at it isn’t it?

Well life hardly is simple that way right? The exam is THE MOTHER of all exams and rightly so. The challenges are daunting and keep improving with us. Most times it seems like an unreasonable target to have. But that doesn’t mean anything. It doesn’t say that you are not capable of doing something just cos the exam is one among the toughest in India. Let us look at it both ways – what do we do if

1)    We think we cant?

Well if the thought is of fear, it hardly drives us to go beyond the limits, do the extra bit needed to clear the exam. Isn’t it simply saying that we are giving up even before the whole thing started? Does it actually inspire us to sit in front of the books and make a study?

2)    We think we can

Well this doesn’t necessarily mean that we have done it. But if we are in a thought process where we say we can do it and we are not going to take any other argument, make it a belief and a conviction, how are we going to approach the exam? Wouldn’t it be of aspiration, a fire which we love to keep revisiting, something that makes us go beyond the ordinary and do more?

 The way we see it, both might be possibilities, but the question is how do you decide which one you want to believe in? If it were up to me, I would say I would stick with something which gives me the best chance. I would rather say I can and be half way there instead of lamenting and trying to answer a question for which I may or may not find an answer.

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