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MOTIVATION : How will your results change if you keep doing the same thing?


If you do what you have always done, you will get what you have always gotten

– Anthony Robbins

How many attempts does it take to clear the civil services exams? Some say 1, some 4, some 7 and so on. But what is the right answer? How long are you willing to wait? Well that probably depends on how much it means to you and also what you make of the process. I am certain if there is someone who has cleared the civils in one attempt, there must be some things he has done right in order to get there. It cannot be luck, it is a good excuse but not something in our control. Let us try and see things at our hand.

I am not trying to undermine people who have taken multiple attempts for the exam. The competition is tight and the slightest error does become expensive in the term of another attempt. If we look at those people who have cleared it in repeats, what made them do so? Most common suggestion I have heard is that people say we need to keep doing what we do, we need to keep working harder. That I agree but it certainly cant be enough. If we keep doing the same thing we have done, we will eventually end up with similar results. We all know what we are after, the goal has not changed and if something in our approach or attempt has not changed, it is perhaps time to look inward and see how best this could be addressed. Lets face it, it is an exam of strategies and planning and execution, minor improvements can take us leaps and bounds ahead. The question is and always will be, how do we add more value?! That probably answers how many attempts we need or how many hours of study we need to crack the exams!

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