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MOTIVATION : The way you see the problem


The way we see the problem is the problem.
– Stephen Covey 

It’s all in the mind. Mind is a beautiful thing, it makes a monster out of a mole and a pin out of a mountain. Someone beautifully said, the problems are as big as we make them to be. I really am not sure if I would want to challenge that thought, it just seems like the right way to go. Imagine this, if you look at this exam alone, keeping all the externalities aside, it has got three rounds, prelims, mains and an interview and the scores in two of those rounds matter. Added to these there are about 10-12 papers we write for about 3Hrs as an exam. Beautiful as the process is, I cant start to think what all it goes through.

On the other hand to look at it, it is a simple process – prelims, mains and interview. The competition is tough but it is not hugely different from the exams we have written for our degrees. It is an improvement over that, not a huge thing to be worried about or pushed down by. I do understand that on this journey we meet people who are extremely cautious about each and every action of theirs. Perhaps it doesn’t need that much. We are looking at the role of a generalist and not a specialist, the details are important to make a project complete but we gotta keep reasserting that the project as a whole is a lot more important than the individual pieces.

Point is, we can look at either way we want to and both of them can be equally right, but the real one being, what do we want to believe in, we can either make it extremely hard or probably quite easy too.

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