PSYCHOLOGY – Daily Answer Writing Challenge

Topic: Issues and Perspectives in Modern Contemporary Psychology Question  What is Artificial Intelligence?How this method can be used to treat loneliness and depression? (200 words) Next Topic Development of Human Behaviour

PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION – Answer Writing Challenge

Topic: Ecology and administration Question  “…in most cases… newly independent states, of the nations of Africa, Asia and latin America, despite their differences… are in transition.”(Ferrel Heady). What common features are indicative of characteristics of their administrative patterns(cultures)? [CSM 2013/200 Words] Next Topic Ecology and administration  

POLITICAL SCIENCE – Daily Answer Writing Challenge

Topic: Paper 2 – Indian government and politics – Planning and Economic Development Question  Do you agree with the idea that the Indian state is a neoliberal state. Substantiate. (200 words) Next Topic Paper 2- Indian government and politics – Planning and Economic Development

HISTORY – Daily Answer Writing Challenge

Topic: POST GUPTA & REGIONAL KINGDOMS Question Analyze the vibrant cultural activities in Peninsular India during 550-750 A.D. Compare and contrast it with the situation in contemporary North India. (200 words) Next Topic POST GUPTA & REGIONAL KINGDOMS

General Studies – Daily Answer Writing Challenge

ARCHIVES 17 April 2014 Topic: World History: Industrial Revolution Questions Why did countries in southern, central, and eastern Europe remain primarily agricultural and untouched by industrialization? Comment on the factors that have contributed to industrial revolution in Asia in recent times. Reference Question 1 Question 2 Question 2 Topic: Science and Technology Question “Alcoholism and …