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MOTIVATION : We all are in the same boat


We may have all come on different ships, but we’re in the same boat now.

~ Mark Twain

What better way to define all of us on this site. It is amazing what the world of civils offers us, a diversity of people coming from different backgrounds, different histories, some toppers of schools and colleges, some with modest backgrounds. Amongst this diversity there is something very powerful which unites us all, the dream, its aspirations, the strategies, the thoughts and the ways and means where we can bring our true potential to action and realize that one goal which we start with.

It is a wide variety for sure, people with their own strengths and character, but UPSC is a brilliant thing, it doesn’t require just one quality for you to make it to the top list, it is an amalgamation of attributes right from humanity to reasoning, language to personality, no one comes with an edge here, it is not that success of one person means failure of another. It is co-existence, the idea is a pick and mix, you pick the best attributes which you think works for the exam, it is a mixture of some of your strengths, some of your friends and some of your enemies. It is about growing up to that potential and leaving behind the minor differences. We all are in the same boat and the only way is to row together and help each other out. And that in itself is a beauty in the preparation phase. It gives you a lot more than you have put in to it πŸ™‚

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